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Brisbane and selling our four wheels

2007 Aug 03 13:41 by Jakub

Brisbane would be the last city which we would see before leaving Australia on the 7th of August. Before leaving here we also had to sell our Toyota Camry. Not having the time to redo the roadworthy certificate we sold the car to the first interested buyer from the Gold Coast. Maybe we could have gotten a better deal if we waited longer, but then again if we waited longer before selling it we ran the risk of not selling it at all. Relieved of having this burden off our shoulders, over the next couple of remaining days we would stay at Annie’s Inn, a great bed and breakfast place with a homey feel, and enjoyed some of what the city had to offer. Coincidentally, we also ran into our friends from Sydney, Rachel and Devin, who took us out for some great Thai food – a nice way of closing off the Australian chapter of our trip. Cheers to you two and all the other friendly Australians who we met along the way who added to our trip!!!

Car Selling Tips:

We listed our car on two websites a month before arriving in Brisbane. By the time we were in our last city we had a couple interested people who we could contact. We could have not done it without the following great sites:

Brisbane botanical garden's wildlifeBrisbaneAnnie's Inn Patio

More prep work & bye bye beautiful Melbourne

2007 Jul 01 11:28 by Jakub

Another weekend without Ewa. I continued the trip preparations by calling a couple of dealers in Brisbane and getting a feel for the car sale. It looks like it might be doable. So far I put up a quick car add on our website. Maybe during the week I’ll link to it from some more popular car sales sites such as tradingpost and carsguide. I also bought a small 10L fuel container today over at Bunnings in case we run out of fuel somewhere in the open. :) Also this week I bought more groceries and more water for the trip. :) Getting there.

Knowing that I would not have much more time left for the city with the remaining working days, I went for a walk near south of St Kilda. I found a nice little beach and park where I enjoyed the panoramas of the city which was a temporary home to us.

melbourne beach walksomeone was flying a planecyclists & runners & people just taking photosmmm... sail boats racing in the distancethis plane attacked mebye bye beautiful melbourne

Watching Movies in Melbourne

2007 Jun 04 14:15 by Jakub

We’ve been watching quite a bit of movies over the couple of last weeks while in Melbourne. This week we’ve just seen The Lives of Other’s (Ewa’s and Jakub’s two thumbs up) over at Dendy Cinema, which plays quite a bit of foreign flicks. Last week we’ve visited Cinema Nova and watched Paris, je t’aime. Loved both movies.

Tips: Here are some tips in saving money watching movies while in this cool city:

Mornington Peninsula

2007 May 12 01:56 by Ewa

Mornington Peninsula. First off a coffee in Flinders – I got a Baby Cino. I didn’t know what it was before ordering, but it’s frothed milk in a small glass (would have ordered something else if I knew – ask ahead). I drank it with a double chocolate brownie. On we went to see view on the south and north side of the peninsula and rode our bikes to the tip called Point Nepean. There are old batteries located throughout the point and the army still trains here.

Red Hill is a town on the peninsula. Here we treated ourselves to delicious handmade cheese (first tired a platter to choose what we like, all we so good). AND Jakub bought a six-pack of Red Hill micro-brews. In the evening we settled down to a nice ‘retreat’ place where we camped, ate our goodies (named above) and relaxed by a fire in the lounge.

FlindersFlindersCape SchanckPoint NepeanMiltitary testing?Helmet and Bike - Courtesy of our super housemate Rodney :)rough southern oceanport philip sideold fortificationswhen we talked in the center it really was a full surround experienceI'm estimating those southern ocean waves to be two or three times the size of a humanmotion shot while bikingnear Arthur's SeatTasting Red Hill Cheese ... mmmmCouldn't leave without some cheese for the wayCamping spotThe beer was worth it; got there 5 minutes after closure, and still managed to squeeze out a 6 pack; no preservatives :)enjoying the night at a public lounge at the camp ground: beer, tea, cheese, books, cell phone tetris like game


2007 Apr 10 11:32 by Jakub

We arrived in Melbourne in the late afternoon and drove right through to the Kensington suburb where we would spend the next 2 days looking for more stable housing and getting used to the city. Courtesy of some very hospitable people over at GlobalFreeLoaders.com, we did not have to pay a cent for the temporary accommodation, internet access, and use of their house or their utilities. It was very useful to have connectivity to be able to search for further accommodation and having the knowhow of the locals. Thanks Cass!!! On Friday April 13th, we moved into a new place in the Kew suburb. The place is in a very nice neighborhood not too far away from the downtown core, with good transport options, lots of small cafes and restaurants, internet connectivity, our own bathroom, and above all a clean area. We’re sharing the place with one more person - so far so good.

Our first impressions of Melbourne? It feels that it has more greenery than Sydney, and is also a bit more spacious. Apparently both cities argue they have the better coffee. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Tip: for free accommodation all over the world check out globalfreeloaders.com

Kensington suburbSome old post officeA drive through liquor store?!!!McDonalds near a hospital. Kind of ironic.Free old trams going through the city circleOur accomodation in KensingtonOur accomodation in KensingtonBeach near St. KildaBeach near St. Kilda

Driving and Camping though Australia

2007 Apr 04 11:32 by Jakub

It took us a while to leave Sydney. Phone calls, packing, car cleaning (greasy steering wheel), filling up the tank. Nevertheless we left Sydney at around 2pm, and drove south. The sun set and we found a free camping spot at a rest area 200km down the road.

Tip: Take a camping road atlas with you to save time and money (camping at rest areas in Australia is mostly legal and for free). Ex: Camps Australia Wide

Free Camping: View Map

camp spot at night

Finding a Job in Australia

2007 Apr 03 00:10 by Jakub

I found a short term contract in Melbourne and we decided to chase it down. We’re packing our bags tonight and possibly hitting the road tomorrow. The interview process started 2 weeks or so ago, and is apparently 99% there (enough certainty to make a move out of Sydney). The phone interview, portfolio review, and reference check up all went good. If everything closes off well, I’ll be on a 2-3 month contract for Sensis Interactive - leading information provider in Australia (owners of Australian yellow pages, search engines, white pages, online classifieds sites, etc). In the mean time, Ewa will continue looking for something in Melbourne. If the contract flops, we’ll just drive through Melbourne and see the Outback, Kangaroos, and Red Back Spiders sooner than later. Hi hi. :)

Tip: some great web sites for job searching in Australia include:

Buying a Car in Australia

2007 Apr 02 22:17 by Jakub

Before leaving Sydney we bought a Toyota Camry 1992 station wagon: 240,000km, 4 cylinders, 2L engine, pink slip (roadworthy certificate), New South Wales state registration until 1st of October 2007, 1850$. We had three options: bus passes/flights, car rental, or car purchase. The bus and flight option seemed like a nice deal (greyhound offers 10000km passes for just over 1000$), but we’d have a very very very limited baggage and the Australian parks we’re after would be very difficult to get to. The car rental for 2-4 months would deplete our wallets pretty quickly. So … last option, car purchase. While there is a bit of a risk buying an older car, we could try to sell this sucker back once we’re done. The car also gives us a bit of independence from departure and arrival schedules, and also should allow us to see a bit more of the natural beauty behind Australia - and that tipped the scales for us. Keeping our fingers crossed it won’t die one us. :) Maybe when we get to Melbourne we’ll check it up again.

Tip: To find cars in Sydney, Australia, we used the following successful websites:

Bruum bruuum Woohooo :)

Royal National Park – Coastal Walk

2007 Mar 18 22:48 by Jakub

Yesterday we ventured out on a two day trip to Australia’s oldest national park, the Royal National Park, to attempt a bit of the Coast Walk Trail. Luckily it wasn’t too far off from Sydney, and it was totally doable without a car – very suitable for us at the present. We took the awesome CityRail to the suburb of Cronulla, and then a short ferry ride to Bundeena. We walked around 9 to 10km to the Providential Point Camground, (less than half the full trail) and then setup a campsite. The trail was very worthwhile, as it had some nice coastal scenery, and lots of awesome rock shapes eroded by wind and water. Along the walk we encountered little lizards, birds, some heavy rain, and a rat or mouse which tried to get into our tent in the middle of the night (only saw its shadow on the tent above my face). Awesome walk indeed.

Tip: book the camp sites for the coastal walk 7 days in advance to get a permit

leaving Cronulla by ferryNotes in the ferry at the captain's door. :)Cool tree or what?Coastal Walk beginsFirst lizard encounterSecond lizard encounterEroded stoneVery clean erosion - reminded us of a bar of soapGot caught in this rain - luckily we were equipped with rain gearEwa writing inside the tentEncountered this big bird in the morning starring at our breakfastEwa thinking it would steal our meal :)LagoonThe BeatleHmm

Return to Auckland – Preparing Accommodation for Sydney

2007 Mar 08 13:19 by Jakub

Yesterday, in the early morning driving through rain and traffic we got to Auckland. We returned the rental car and strolled through the city, also successfully exchanging the unused white gas for some money we then spent in Macdonald’s Mc Café. Woohoo. Oh yeah - ice coffee, double chocolate cakes, espressos, all from the golden arches. After killing some time in the park we headed home to begin internet searching for a place to stay in Sydney.

Tip: Two great websites made it very easy for us to find some shared accommodation: sydney.craigslist.org and www.domain.com.au - the next day we had a positive response. We also found a cheap hostel for three nights over at www.hostelsydney.com. Woohoo.

Traffic + Rain into AucklandPeople crossing the street up, down, left, right, diagnal. Cool.Chilling in a parkBye bye ripped / comfortable shoesMcCafe :)Auckland tower