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The Indian Pacific Rail

2007 Jul 07 14:53 by Ewa

I travelled on the Indian Pacific, a train that travels right across Australia (Perth-Adelaide-Sydney). I just did the Perth-Adelaide route, which is two nights on the train. It was a great experience. You get to see lots of the outback country and the Nullarbor Plains (this is where the longest straightest stretch of rail in the world is located at 478km). Sleeping on the trains was not too bad. I was in economy class or Red Kangaroo where I had one relining seat allotted. The carriage that I was in was not full, so most people had two seats to take a snooze on. It also helps having good company on board. I had two gentlemen to talk with, a journalist from Italy and a guy from France that will be studying at the same uni as I in the Netherlands. Small world!

Currently, I am in Adelaide. This city is more alive the Perth was, that is the downtown area does not die down after 8pm. The planning of the city is interesting as well. There is a clear grid pattern for the streets, incorporated with green park squares and the city is bordered with more parks. Yesterday I walked the city, went to the South Australia Art Gallery (which has lots of lovely Aussie paintings) and saw many nice classical and Victorian buildings. PLUS this is the meeting point for Jakub and I. I will see him tonight, he should be on the road right now.

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  1. Michal Warchala says:

    Cool! Looks like you guys have another really nice trip to look forward too

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