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Coober Pedy

2007 Jul 11 16:27 by Jakub

Another 700km of driving yesterday got us to Coober Pedy – an opal mining town. We landed in an underground motel – a motel carved out of a sandstone hill. It was nice to have a warm place to sleep and being able to take a hot shower. :) There are actually plenty of other houses which are underground here. The place feels very alien as there is no grass, and the town is surrounded by very little life outside of the miners who live here. Last night we also went on the top of our motel and watched the sunset with 4WD cars going along dirt roads into the distance. Going on the top of the hill we’ve also noticed satellites and vents sticking out of the ground - which reinforced the very weird feeling of the town. Today we visited a mining museum and checked out some underground churches. We then found free internet at a local public library, and will be off towards Uluru very soon. Woohoo.

sunrise near flinders rangesdriving through port augustaon the stuart highwaysalt lakes in the distanceleft overs?lunch break in the desertour underground motelpanorama of coober pedy:)our little cozy hobbit holethere was music in the background ... I had tovoting for the name of the townunderground chapel

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  1. Kent says:

    Yo guys.

    You’re email address on “a little bit about us” doesn’t seem to work…. But you’ve got my email address now, so drop me a line.

    Was an absolute pleasure to meet you both.

    For anyone not Jakub & Ewa I could give you an update on their past week, but I don’t want to steal their thunder.

    :) Kent

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