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Uluru & Kata Tjuta – Lucky Friday 13

2007 Jul 13 01:08 by Jakub

Quick breakfast. Showers at the nice Ayers Rock Resort. Packed our day bags with water and carbohydrates and hit the highway to catch some rides 20km south into Uluru – a gigantic sandstone rock in the middle of nowhere; a symbol of Australia; a sacred site for the Aborigines. After 20 minutes of waiting and flexing our thumbs we caught a ride with a girl. We arrived at the gates of the park shortly, and the five minutes of chit chat with her during the ride bought us enough trust that the girl who turned out to be working in the park, gave us a free entry (50$ value). We walked the 9km around the rock – a very worthy experience. The rock is massive, solid, impressive, and feels alien. We then had quick lunch and hitched another ride with a Aussie, Danish and Dutch group 50km west to Kata Tjuta – more massive rocks out in the open. There we did a 7km walk through the valley of the winds. On the way back, the same group of kind people had to jump start their car (what the fuck is with the car troubles out here?) and were friendly enough to drive us back to the resort. Lucky Friday 13th.

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