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Kakadu – Day I

2007 Jul 23 16:58 by Jakub

Today we made it to Kakadu National Park – a huge area in the tropical top end of Australia filled with tons of wildlife such as beautiful wetland birds, annoying humid loving mosquitoes, some crocodiles, a number of sporadic natural forest fires, and a spider the size of a fist sitting on a nearby toilet door (we decided to stay clear and pee in the grass that night).

We setup our tent in a park camping spot that had very limited amenities – some grass, some sandy spots, a parking lot, the toilet with that huge spider, a river filled with crocs 100 meters away and … actually that’s it. On these rewarding grounds there was one more couple sleeping in a van that night. As an aside, this couple was a cool Czech duo we would coincidentally bump into over and over the next few days – a quite funny experience. Anyhow, I have to admit that fearless Ewa slept like a solid slab of concrete this night. I on the other hand would have an irrational fear haunting me. Seeing an overabundance of crocodile warning signs during the day, and the 100 meter proximity of our tent to a river, I imagined that one of those oversized reptiles would crawl over when we were sleeping and taste our delicious meat. Of course that was very irrational as crocs don’t come out of the river to hunt in the dry grass. Nevertheless I woke up around 20 times that night with every crack of a nearby twig or a fallen leaf, and a dosage of adrenaline to keep my heart pounding. Soon enough, the sun rose and all was well again.

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