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Reefworld with FantaSea - The Great Barrier Reef

2007 Jul 29 17:34 by Ewa

Today we went out to see the Hardy Reef and the Whitsunday Islands (named by Captain Cook during Easter time – see the link) with a tour operator called FantaSea.� First we got bused from Airlie Beach to Shute Harbour.� � � The islands reminded me of northern Ontario landscape.� When I looked up at the hills on the islands I saw forests that looked like they were made up of deciduous trees and some pines, with rocks closer to shore.� The difference here is that occasionally there are palms and some islands hold beautiful beaches of fine white sands.

The cruise boat took us to a platform AHH reef called Reefworld that floats in the ocean right by Hardy Reef. We got our gear ready for snorkeling and put on body suits for the water was rather on the cold side.� Maybe for whales it is warmer, they migrate to have their young this time of year and we actually spotted some as they were swimming farther out by the boat.� Back to the reef…it was magnificent.� I got so occupied looking at the various crevices, corals and fish I did not notice how cold I got, being in the water for about an hour.� I came out with blue lips and my body was shacking for a while after.� Then again, when will I come back to the reef?� � A reef of many reefs that stretches 2500km (you can see it from space!).� The corals have colours of blue, yellow, purple, white, the fish are also very colourful and have many patterns on their bodies. � This tour also included: lunch, complimentary tea and cakes. There was also a ride in a semi-submerged submarine and a viewing window where a 3 meter groper swam about.� For the price we paid (which seemed pricy at first), it was all worth it for this whole day excursion.

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