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Brisbane and selling our four wheels

2007 Aug 03 13:41 by Jakub

Brisbane would be the last city which we would see before leaving Australia on the 7th of August. Before leaving here we also had to sell our Toyota Camry. Not having the time to redo the roadworthy certificate we sold the car to the first interested buyer from the Gold Coast. Maybe we could have gotten a better deal if we waited longer, but then again if we waited longer before selling it we ran the risk of not selling it at all. Relieved of having this burden off our shoulders, over the next couple of remaining days we would stay at Annie’s Inn, a great bed and breakfast place with a homey feel, and enjoyed some of what the city had to offer. Coincidentally, we also ran into our friends from Sydney, Rachel and Devin, who took us out for some great Thai food – a nice way of closing off the Australian chapter of our trip. Cheers to you two and all the other friendly Australians who we met along the way who added to our trip!!!

Car Selling Tips:

We listed our car on two websites a month before arriving in Brisbane. By the time we were in our last city we had a couple interested people who we could contact. We could have not done it without the following great sites:

Brisbane botanical garden's wildlifeBrisbaneAnnie's Inn Patio

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