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Waiheke Island

2007 Feb 04 21:36 by Jakub

Today, we packed our day packs with lunch and took the ferry to the nearby Waiheke Island. It’s maybe an hour swim by boat to something like the Toronto Island we have back in Canada. The island has residents, roads, ports, beaches, wineries, and hiking trails. It was pretty neat, as there were also 20 or so sculptures setup temporarily and placed throughout the island.

Auckland docksWindy hair :)Lunch time.Waiting for a bus on the island

5 Responses to “Waiheke Island”

  1. irus says:

    y’ll ….must be nice wearing shorts and t-shirts…
    it is monday, feb.5, 2007 it is -19C w/ windchill it feels like -30C
    bloody hell…i say..the cruelty and irony of life just astounds me @ times…
    kubus…i hope that u retired your blck socks with shorts ! ; ]
    hve gys and enjoy the sun…
    bck 2wrk…cheriooos

  2. irus says:

    hmm…thats suppose to be : “hve fun gys….” , kubus, auto correct that for me plz and ty.

  3. Elaine says:

    Gah…so unfair.

    Nice photos - and nice photo slideshow interface! Is that a WordPress feature?

  4. gengor says:

    its ok irus… noone is perfekt….. i caught your mistake, can u spot mine?? im loving this canadian weather though… dont worry kubus we r wearing lots of sunscreen

  5. Jakub says:

    Elaine: wordpress + mygallery plugin (comes with this thing called Lightbox JS) >> http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/

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