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Rotorua and around

2007 Feb 09 16:24 by Jakub

Ewa drove today and the funny thing is she made the same subtle mistakes I did. It was just inevitable I guess. All is good though, as the driving comes easier and easier we’re gaining confidence. The roads are also getting more even at this part of the country and it’s less strenuous. The day before, through Coromandel I think we were driving at around 40-60km on average as there were a hell of a lot of unexpected turns throughout (I constantly thought how my rally racing fan brother would have loved that road). Today I think the average speed moved up to somewhere around 80km/h. We made it to Rotorua – a thermal geyser capital of New Zealand. We visited the nearby lake, as well as the sulphur bay – a part of the lake which has geysers sticking out releasing stinky gases. Even though there were clearly marked pathways, I found it a bit scary walking around – one mistake and you could land in a warm pool of water (if you’re stupid, you fall into a boiling pool). The trails are clearly marked and it’s pretty safe (you never know though). We also saw a park in the city which had some more geothermal activity and some cool bubbly mud pools. We then drove out another 10km south of Rotorua and found a camping spot near Blue Lake. Tomorrow we’re off to more thermal sightseeing: Wai-o-Tapu, followed by a Te Urewera National Park.

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