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The Abel Tasman Track

2007 Feb 14 16:50 by Jakub

Today in the morning we spontaneously decided to walk half of the Abel Tasman track. The Abel Tasman National Park is apparently the smallest, yet the most popular park in New Zealand. It sits on the northern part of the south island and usually people load up their backpacks and do the track in 3 or 4 days. Initially we thought of walking part of the track in and out as a daily excursion, but then came about the idea of seeing a bit more of it by doing a one way walk. How do you walk one way when the park is not reachable by road? We found a company to help us out– the Marahau Water Taxi. We booked the water taxi from Marahau to Bark Bay (just a bit over the half point of the track), and then made our way south back to our Marahau camp. The trip was worth it. The track had some awesome views of coastal scenery, bays, coves, beaches and mountains and is highly recommended. Although we walked around 17km, the elevation of the track is rather steady (doesn’t go up and down too much). This came at the expense of being a bit windier however, as the track tried to stick closer to the curvy mountains. After 7 hours we made it back to camp, had dinner, a shower, and resumed driving south.

On the water taxiWheeeGetting on shore near Bark bayStarting pointBark Bay in the background5 people maximum :)Short cutting through a low tide detourNot all sand in NZ is black :)Very low tide :)Seven hours later.

3 Responses to “The Abel Tasman Track”

  1. domek says:

    hey kubus! where did the pictures go? haha i was going on this site all day to catch some cool updates and…they are gooone. come back!!!

  2. gengor says:

    hey lord kubor… i am really impressed… 17km in one day, wow thats an achievement and im sure it was all ewas idea (way to go!!!) im sure kuba did most of the biching on that treck.. kubus im really speachless about this whole thing im so glad that you are doing it… pics are great.
    now when i plan our annual trip in may it will be nothing like what you are doing right now…(where to go….maybe somwhere in the US??) some research has to be done…cheers

  3. gengor says:

    one more thing…. that bridge must of been intimidating… im sure i would have thought twice before i crossed it!!

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