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Hitchhiking from ‘The Divide’ to Queenstown

2007 Feb 21 13:11 by Ewa

In the morning we had a lovely brie, salami, cream cheese, and French baguette, and jam breakfast, tea with lemon. We repacked our things in the backpacks, sorted food and left the rest of the things in the trunk of the car. Drove up with the car to the spot where we’ll be finishing the track called ‘The Divide’. I thought it would be a lot harder to catch a ride via hitchhiking. What are the techniques? Smile or have a more serious face to show that you are not a psycho? There were caravans that passed by, cars with space in them. We started to get discouraged to see more cars and buses heading the other way towards Milford Sound. We started hitchhiking at 11:50am and got picked up by Bob at 12:30pm, 40 minutes of a wait isn’t bad at all. Bob is a Kiwi from Auckland that resigned from his high-paying job as an engineer to set up a backpacker lodge with his wife, plus works as a guide. We got some Kiwi inside: Auckland is getting filled up with immigrants that don’t mix well with Kiwis and mispronounce different regions.

Our next hitchhiking spot was near a gas station in Te Anau. Tim Burton (not the director) an English mountaineer that just came back from a contract in the Antarctic protecting explores and others at the British Research Station. He’s met the producer of the BBC Plant Earth series. It was quite the trip back to Queenstown with laughter over the nudes park adventures and talk of Kiwis eating local and liking to have their own goods in their country—SELF DEPENDANT!! The rest of the day at Queenstown: walked about, set up camp at the Holiday Park (30$NZ the most we’ve paid), watched Chinese children feeding ducks, falling into the lake, and wanting more bread…

Night at Gunn LakePacking upEwa hitching near Te Anau ... only 180km to goQueenstown Camping ... ughhh, too tightBack in Queenstown by nightChinese children feeding birds

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