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Routeburn Track Day 2

2007 Feb 23 13:28 by Jakub

This was definitely a way harder day. With 15 to 18kg backpacks we ascended and descended around 600m above the bush line where the sun hit us hard. Of course, being above trees at around 1200 to 1300m for most of the day we were rewarded with some awesome views of lakes, valleys, and snow capped peaks. On top of the hard ascends, we walked 14km. We passed a number of shelters, and by late evening made it to Lake Mackenzie camp grounds, where we rejoined forces for some supper (pasta chicken carbonera style, peas, carrots, multi grain crackers, and tea) with some of the people we met last night. I think we were in bed very close to sunset.

Woke up in a misty valleyBreakfast with some trail friendsThese birdies kept on getting real closeRouteburn Flats in the background from high up topEwa ascending aheadClosing in on the Harris Saddle ShelterResting upWalking the Harris Saddle above the bushlineDescending into the Mackenzie CampgroundOh yea...

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