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Cruising Milford Sound

2007 Feb 25 13:35 by Ewa

Today it rains and drizzles, but we still went on a boat cruise of Milford Sound (on board we also received complementary coffee and muffin). It was wet and windy, but I didn’t feel cold. I was inside and out looking at the views. The entrance of the fiord is the opening to the Tasman Sea, where we turned around with the boat. This is where fish exit into the open sea and seals lay around on rocks (which we saw). I enjoyed seeing the lush vegetation. How does it grow so, on such a high vertical wall? Falls add fresh water to the fiord, which has a 3-5 meter layer of freshwater and a salt water layer below. It rains 6 meters annually at the Sound, because of the mountains laying along the sea and uplift of the moisture. A little poem below:

High walls, can’t see the tops. Tops located behind grey clouds. Clouds give a mysterious look. Look a boat so small in this fiord. Fiord so lovely in this rough water, a layer of 3 meters fresh, rest salty.

Misty fiordsRain clouds in the backMade in New ZealandMilford Sound Harbour

8 Responses to “Cruising Milford Sound”

  1. Luke says:

    Comment later; now Question: HOW THE HELL DID THE SEALS GET UP ON THAT ROCK?

  2. Jakub says:

    Teleportation. Penguins have skillz.

  3. TheGerman says:

    Hi Sweethurts. Love your pics! I might be in Newcastly by July. Take care.
    Hugs and kisses from Bremen.

  4. Carlos says:

    where is Frotto?
    i hvaen’t seen him in any of the pictures?

  5. Jakub says:

    I thought Frodo was eaten by Lord Sauron?!

  6. Srujan says:

    You could have written down some associated expenses :-)

  7. Ewa says:

    LOL. Guess we did not want to discourage anyone. We got a “deal” for the Milford Sound Cruise at 60$AUS or so because we chose to go early in the morning (when everyone else is still rolling in their beds). On the nice side of things, it included a coffee and muffin. I remember some other cruises were up there at 100$AUS, different times and lenghts of the trip…etc.
    Check out:

  8. Ben says:

    Hi Guys, Ben here at Cruize Milford, just a quick message to say awesome site, great info and stunning images, reminded me of how awesome Milford is. Thanks for cruising with us and all the best for the rest of your travels.

    Ben Chapman
    Cruize Milford

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