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On Route to Christchurch and beyond

2007 Feb 28 12:22 by Jakub

Last night we drove some more northwards along the east coast of the south island and made it just 50km south of Christchurch - the largest city in the south island. For the night we stopped in the Banks Peninsula at an eco friendly resort which we found by accident in the Okuti Valley. The place was nice change from the tents we stayed in for the last two weeks, hehe, we slept in a canvas tent instead. No no, don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t just an ordinary canvas tent. It was surrounded by a sheep field, had rugs inside, filled with a very comfy bed, nearby showers in an open field, and an outdoor toilet which did not use water. We talked a bit with the eco friendly people, had some good breakfast, and resumed our drive to Christchurch, which we visited in the afternoon, spent a couple of hours strolling through, and drove another 150km north to Goose Bay. Another day well spent.

2 Responses to “On Route to Christchurch and beyond”

  1. gengor says:

    nice pics kuba… finally some variety… i think you stayed in a ‘yurt’. hey cows and sheep look the same… i really like the nugget point pics

  2. Jakub says:

    We counted the sheep while traveling. We counted around 16 million (4 times the population of New Zealand), after which we fell asleep. :)

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