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Bondi Beach

2007 Mar 11 15:35 by Ewa

The following entry I wrote while at Bondi Beach (I have a travel journal that I write in quite frequently).

Here we are on Bondi Beach. It’s quite the popular place with thousands of people on it, yet it can be quite relaxing. It’s not that loud, even though we have about 3 meters space between the next people. I went for a dip in the ocean or to be more specific the Tasman Sea. The same sea I was looking out at while in New Zealand and thinking about Australia. The sea is quite warm and clear. I enjoyed jumping along the waves, swimming with them, letting the current take me inland, diving under the waves, jumping over them…etc.

Bondi JunctionBondi neighbourhoodsTadaLots of people. Ewa counted 3237.4 people.

2 Responses to “Bondi Beach”

  1. gengor says:

    cool beach photos (kubus any nudes??) I enjoyed your post again Ewa… i like the diversity..keep it up!!

  2. Jakub says:

    Nudes? Grzesiu, I’m working on the paid subscription section of the site - you just wait. :)

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