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Manly Beach

2007 Mar 23 15:53 by Jakub

The day was hot so it took us a while to get out of bed. By the afternoon, we did some laundry as the last couple of days was either sticky or rainy which got in the way. I also had a pretty good phone interview or two (more to come on this later in the week), and then we decided to hit the beach. Based on the guide books, another highly recommended one around the Sydney area is the Manly Beach – and so we made that our target for the day. We grabbed some sandwiches, fruit, sunscreen and lemon water, and hopped on the train to the central business district (Circular Quay station). Today was another opportunity to experience the Sydney ferry system, which took us to our destination. Oh … we missed the ferry by a minute, and so we had to wait another half an hour – hate stuff like that.

Manly? It was a damn windy day and we got there rather late, but nevertheless it was a pleasant beach. People were playing volley ball. The waves were high and so there were plenty of surfers. Actually, a small little surfing school found a spot in front of us and we were able to listen in on some of the tips. We also had a chuckle as we looked at the people putting the theory to practice at sea (not to say that we could do better). Oh, and compared to Bondi beach, on Manly we did not find the topless culture to be as widespread. :)

Sydney in the background from the ferryArthur can do better on his sailboat :)ManlySaltwater pools near beaches are common hereFound an octopus :)Walk to the North HeadManly Wharf

2 Responses to “Manly Beach”

  1. domcia says:

    priti pictures!!!!!! the 1st one kinda looks like the downtown/lake ontario horizon haha
    i dont get the octopus part.

  2. Jakub says:

    Does look similar. :)

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