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Blue Mountains – Blackheath

2007 Mar 27 11:25 by Jakub

Today we decided to check out the Blue Mountains as a two day excursion. The connectivity was great - two hours west from Sydney by train. Our first stop was Blackheath. In the morning we waited for the drizzle to settle down by sipping coffee with some banana bread and then walked over to the Blackheath Caravan Park, where we dropped off our gear. Blackheath is where the Grose Valley opens up. Unfortunately, in late 2006 the valley has gone through a forest fire and a lot of the walks around this place were closed off. Nevertheless we managed to do two tracks: Fairfax Heritage Track, and the Grand Canyon Track. At both hikes we’ve seen the steep, eroded and beautiful Blue Mountains, valleys, and lots and lots of birds. :) (I had the chance to play around with the zoom lens.) I think both Ewa and myself preferred the Grand Canyon walk, as it went through a cave, water pools, a river, and was just so much more diverse in the terrain. The outdoors were definitely a nice break from the city life. Woohoo.

ParrotBlackheath Postman, or Darth Vader in disguise? :)More parrots :)Ant hillAnt race on a tree to the topA lizard on our wayGrose Valley lookoutBlue Mountains - Grose ValleyWalking a dirt road in between the two tracksI think it's these Gum Trea leaves which give the park the blueish name. :)Careful. :)Grand Canyon Track beginsWalking through a caveWalking underneath eroded sidesDon't fall :)At the bottom of the canyonEwa resting at the top.Blue mountains by sunsetWalking back to the campsite at night on the dirt roadNight walk

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