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Kosciuszko National Park – Day 1

2007 Apr 06 12:00 by Jakub

We drove in to see the park with the highest peak in Australia – Kosciuszko. The locals here pronounce the name very weird (ko zee os co), Ewa and myself wonder if they could at least try to go for (kosh choo sh co). Anyways, today in the morning it was super foggy and we sipped some tea in the car waiting for it to clear a bit. We did two short tracks: Porcupine and Rainbow Lake. Both hikes went though curvy snow gum trees which apparently are the only trees which have such a wide adaptation throughout Australia as they can be seen from the deserts to the mountains.

We camped out at a nice little camp ground called Kosciusko Mountain Retreat. The manager took extra effort to find us a nice spot, and also provided us with kangaroo food. He then showed us the way to a clearing where wild kangaroos roamed. We had a blast. Woohoo. :)

Park EntranceEwa finding Polish highlander mentions in a local newspaperFoggy landscapesSnow gum treesMountain dewEwa finds a nice view:)

4 Responses to “Kosciuszko National Park – Day 1”

  1. gengor says:

    nice kangaroo pics… did they put up much of a fight?? i thought they were bigger!

  2. Jakub says:

    :) We fed the females - they were friendlier. The males are apparently larger and more aggressive. The camp owner said that if the males did come over and tried to “hug” us, it’s actually an aggressive tactic to wrap their hands, lean on their tail, and punch and tear with their leg claws. So we stayed clear of males. :) We seen some young males kick eachother :) There are also the Red Kangaroos more north I think, and they are supposed to be bigger. The Kuba National Geographic Organization is getting funding this week to capture more pictures of them later on in the trip. Stay tuned :)

  3. gengor says:

    my money would be on the kangaroo!!!! unless he wakes you up in the middle of the night.. and then look out!! Jakub with a knockout at 13 seconds of the first round

  4. Jakub says:

    apparently you could win a fight over with them if you attack them from the sides :)

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