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Kosciuszko National Park – Day 2

2007 Apr 07 12:19 by Jakub

The weather turned 180 degrees, it was cloudless, and so we made an attempt at the 2228 meter summit of Australia. We started walking the 22km trail (20km Main Ridge Track + 2km summit return) at around 10am, and made it back at 5:30pm. It was an awesome day for the hike. We actually underestimated how beautiful and warm it would be, as we had rain gear, multiple sweaters, hats, gloves, and long johns with us. It didn’t take a long time for us to strip into t-shirts. I mean, the previous day it was wet and less than 5 degrees and we didn’t want to risk hypothermia, but now we had the disadvantage of carrying dead weight. Anyhow, we made it to the top and then returned to the camp site for some fire baked potatoes. Woohoo :)

Starting the hikeRiver crossing (my foot slipped) :)Dried bananas - good hiking energybig spider - screwed up on the focusstopping for lunch at a ledge by a laketea timeat the top of Australiaemergency shelterback in camp

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