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Melbourne - Downtown

2007 Apr 25 02:40 by Jakub

Today was ANZAC day, and having a free day off work we finally got a chance to see some of Melbourne’s downtown. We visited Fitzroy Park, the downtown core, tried some Max Brenner’s Hot Chocolate, and then made it back along the Yarra river to the parked car. Overall impressions: the modern architecture fits really nicely with the older buildings, and of course we really love the greenery.

Fitzroy ParkMinature VillagePlace where I began workingFitzroy StationYarra River and Melbourne Downtown

One Response to “Melbourne - Downtown”

  1. Dana says:

    Hi Jakub!!

    Long time no hear!! I’ve checked out your faboulous pictures and posts!! Looks like you are both having an amazing experience.

    So just so you know, you tasted that day when you went to Max Brenner, a very famous Israeli hot chocolate :) Max Brenner is an Israeli company that has locations all over the country. they have a huge restaurant in Tel Aviv that even serves chocolate soup. Although I didn’t taste it.. even though I love chocolate it sounds nauseating.
    How is your new job? Where are you working? Where is Ewa working? Post some info. on how it is to work abroad? differences etc??
    I see that you are headed to Holland. Are u going to study there in the end??

    I’m doing well. But will write more in an email. I am sure u don’t want it on your blog ;)
    Ciao for now! Dana

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