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Mornington Peninsula

2007 May 12 01:56 by Ewa

Mornington Peninsula. First off a coffee in Flinders – I got a Baby Cino. I didn’t know what it was before ordering, but it’s frothed milk in a small glass (would have ordered something else if I knew – ask ahead). I drank it with a double chocolate brownie. On we went to see view on the south and north side of the peninsula and rode our bikes to the tip called Point Nepean. There are old batteries located throughout the point and the army still trains here.

Red Hill is a town on the peninsula. Here we treated ourselves to delicious handmade cheese (first tired a platter to choose what we like, all we so good). AND Jakub bought a six-pack of Red Hill micro-brews. In the evening we settled down to a nice ‘retreat’ place where we camped, ate our goodies (named above) and relaxed by a fire in the lounge.

FlindersFlindersCape SchanckPoint NepeanMiltitary testing?Helmet and Bike - Courtesy of our super housemate Rodney :)rough southern oceanport philip sideold fortificationswhen we talked in the center it really was a full surround experienceI'm estimating those southern ocean waves to be two or three times the size of a humanmotion shot while bikingnear Arthur's SeatTasting Red Hill Cheese ... mmmmCouldn't leave without some cheese for the wayCamping spotThe beer was worth it; got there 5 minutes after closure, and still managed to squeeze out a 6 pack; no preservatives :)enjoying the night at a public lounge at the camp ground: beer, tea, cheese, books, cell phone tetris like game

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