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Car For Sale - SOLD

Hello Dear Buyer,

SOLD. We’re selling our fuel efficient Toyota Camry 1992 Station Wagon in Brisbane (or Cairns). As it continues to serve us gloriously, we will drive into Brisbane (or Cairns) in early August and it will be available for sale right then. Here is a little history about this car. We bought it in Sydney from a dealer and then drove it to Melbourne where we settled for three months to work and play. While in Melbourne, we gave the car some love and had a professional mechanic look over it. Some of the repairs included:

  • New front drive shaft
  • New break fluid
  • Break adjustments
  • New power steering hose
  • New engine oil and air filter
  • Overall inspection & test drive

Why are we selling it? We’re leaving Australia and hope that the next people in line will make good use of it. The hard facts are as follows:

  • Asking price: 1999$
  • Registration: NSW valid until October 2007
  • Roadworthy: Bought it with roadworthy in Sydney, but might not have the time to redo it.
  • Fuel efficiency: 8.5L per 100km outside of city. (Ford Falcon’s and Holden burn 10L+)
  • Milage: 255k

Please call me or post any comments here. Do keep in mind however that we might still be on the road and our response time might be unpredictable.

Jakub & Ewa